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New Urban

Cumbalum Urban Release Area
Cumbalum is a major urban release area indentified in the Far North Coast Regional Plan. Precinct B has an area 470ha with a planned future population of 8,000 people. Initially the project involved finalising a rezoning submission for landowners in Precinct B of the release area under the “Gateway LEP” process.

The project included negotiating the first comprehensive Voluntary Planning Agreement with Ballina Shire Council for the provision of infrastructure.

A Development Control Plan was prepared in association with urban design consultants RPS. This Development Control Plan has since been adopted by Council.

A development application is now been prepared for Stage 1 of the development. A separate development application is also been prepared for the sewer rising main to connect to Council’s sewerage system. (2011 - current)

Condon Hill Lennox Head
An infill residential area of 24 hectares in Lennox Head. Preparation of a rezoning submission and Part 3A Concept Plan in association with Planners North. (2009)

junction hill

Junction Hill Village
Junction Hill is an existing satellite village of Grafton with a population of about 1200 people. This project was injunction with Planners North. It involved the preparation of a structure plan for rezoning of an area of 172 hectares for 1000 assorted residential lots. Following the rezoning of the land a staged development application was prepared. (2006 - 2012)

Skennars Ridge Residential Development
Preparation of a draft development control plan for 54 hectares of land (for submission to Ballina Shire Council) for residential development along the tidal reaches of North Creek, Lennox Head. This project was in association with Planners North. The project also involved preparation of two development applications for the first two stages of the development of 25 lots each. (2006)

saphire beach

North Sapphire Beach Residential Development
Preparation of a development application for a residential development comprising 247 lots. This development application was prepared in association with Planners North. The application was State Significant and was lodged with the Minister for Planning. (2005)

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